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Charleston Homes for Sale

Charleston, SC Homes for Sale

Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is one of the oldest cities in America, first settled in 1670. This Atlantic port city has seen revolution and the birth of America, the horrors of slavery and the Civil War, and the vagaries of depressions and economic booms. Through it all ├Čthe Holy City├« has maintained a place of pride in the American pageant. Many of the city's attractions celebrate the long and storied past of the region. Living in Charleston affords residents a chance to soak up the Atlantic breezes, which make spring one of the most beautiful times to stay in the city.

Charleston, South Carolina Real Estate Market

Charleston real estate showcases the long history that this port city has witnessed. Restored antique homes, revivals, and contemporary homes make for a heady real estate mix.

Downtown Charleston is the bustling neighborhood found south of Broad Street. Some of the most historic buildings in Charleston are found in this community. Georgian revivals, French influenced mansions, and other historic designs, some dating back to the earliest days of Charleston are found on the market here. This community is definitely for the serious real estate investor. Homes for sale in downtown Charleston break the multi-million dollar mark. Occasionally, a buyer may be able to find a condominium or townhouse property which lists below the million mark.

Longborough is found to the east of Charles Towne Landing State Park, across the harbor. Longborough real estate is often priced lower than comparable properties in downtown Charleston, making the area much more attractive to first time home buyers than the historic districts.

The Crescent is east of downtown Charleston, between the James Island Expressway and Folly Road Boulevard. Although multimillion dollar homes are on the market in this community, the overall value of real estate in the Crescent is slightly lower than in nearby downtown Charleston. Buyers can find family sized homes in the $700's.

Charleston Community Schools

Downtown Charleston is served by the City of Charleston Constituent School District 20. The reminder of the Charleston metro is served by Constituent Districts 3, 4, and 10. Some schools of interest within the districts include the Buist Academy of Advanced Studies, which offers accelerated classes for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, and the Charleston County School of the Arts, a magnet school for visual arts, creative writing and music. Other schools of note in the Charleston area include The Citadel, the most famous American military college other than West Point, and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Business in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is still an active port city, so transportation, and maritime activities are a vital part of the city's economy. The United States Navy is a major employer in the Charleston metro, along with the various colleges and hosptials in the area.

Charleston Real Estate Agents

Working through the hundreds of real estate listings found in a city the size of Charleston can tie a home buyer in knots. Contact a Charleston REALTOR and get things straight, right from the start.